Is it possible to play in an online casino using virtual or augmented reality?

VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality is increasingly knocking on the door of the Internet and is becoming a clearer future of the broadly understood network. AR/VR goggles may in the near future be replaced by handy and elegant glasses or other devices that generate images on or in front of the eyes. The vision seems incredibly attractive and if only the development of technology allows it, the world will certainly move in this direction. What is the situation today? What might such fun look like and is it an attractive way to spend time at all?

Presentation of the current possibilities of using VR and AR technologies in online casinos

VR and AR

Many Internet users forget that these solutions are already with us and you don’t have to wait for a new device from Apple to run a website in AR. Therefore, there is no problem at all with running a casino in virtual reality. The only question left is how it works and does it make sense at all?

Running the game on goggles shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. After all, everything is run via the website. Just go to a given portal and use it in the same way as on a computer.

And here we come to the most pressing issues. Are websites and games adapted to VR/AR? Certainly not! Users of these technologies still constitute only a small percentage of Internet users. Therefore, online casino operators cannot afford to optimize the portal and the games themselves in this respect.

Currently, when using a casino in this technology, you get everything the same as on a computer or phone, but the right polish is missing. This will certainly appear in the future, but only when it is profitable. For now, however, we will have to wait a while longer – until VR and AR are so attractive to the average Internet user that they become as common as using smartphones.

Optimized for VR and AR

VR and AR

Today’s use of these technologies in the context of casinos and games of chance does not differ in the slightest from what they present on computers and phones. However, it is worth noting that the mobile transformation covered the entire Internet and even such common solutions as the HTML5 standard were implemented. Thanks to this, most mobile devices can use the network without any restrictions, because all websites, and in the case of online casinos, also games, automatically adapt to them.

In the future, appropriate standards will certainly be applied to ensure that all websites and other services adapt to VR. What could this be? A good example would be the possibility of separating and customizing the appearance of specific parts of a web portal, so that the user could create something like an interface before his eyes. Thanks to this, you will be able to combine casino gaming with other, more tedious everyday activities.

Interestingly, the VR and AR solution may contribute to increasing the physical activity of users of this technology, as it will be possible to use the Internet while moving. Finally, you won’t have to focus on the screen, sit in front of the computer or hold the phone in your hands. Therefore, the optimization of this technology can be much more advanced and it is difficult to imagine today how fascinating the game may be in the near future.

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