The best casino games for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

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An average casino provides its players with several thousand different games, which are divided into several dozen different formats. Some productions are more accessible to players, while others require experience with games of chance. The only question remains: How to choose the right one that will enable optimal gameplay, tailored to the capabilities of a given player?

Read on to discover the types of games that are perfect for players of a certain experience level.

Beginners – slot machines, scratch cards

Slot machines are well-known casino productions that operate according to very simple rules. First of all, the user selects a bet and draws the result on the reels. There is no room for any further action here. Some games still allow you to decide on an additional gamble bet, but it is completely optional. Therefore, when playing at a slot machine, the player can simply engage in unrestrained gameplay – without the stress of doing something wrong.

The situation is similar with scratch cards. The only decision the player makes is the amount for which he buys the card. Everything else is random, leaving no room for error.

To sum up: A beginner player should focus on very simple games that give him as little opportunity to make decisions as possible. If the RTP of a given game is high enough, you can be sure that the full potential has been used and any loss is only the result of lack of luck.

Intermediate – app version of table games

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Players who already have some experience and know what to expect from games of chance can choose more complicated formats. These are primarily table games in the web application version. Why these? The point is that in the application, the player is a kind of host and he is responsible for deciding when to place a bet and for what value. There is no pressure here and you can calmly consider each bet and further decision.

Games worth considering are:

  • casino poker,
  • blackjack,
  • roulette,
  • baccarat,
  • craps.

All games give the user a dose of freedom that makes the gameplay even more interesting. This gives the impression that, in addition to the aspect of randomness, the player also has an influence on the gameplay, which makes the game even more enjoyable.

It is worth noting that in reality it has no major impact on the chances of winning and it all depends on the RTP of a given game. In this case, however, table games offer record high rates, so good decisions can lead to very good results.

Advanced – roulette, blackjack and live casino games

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If the player has already learned all the basic rules of play in the most popular games of chance, he or she can use all formats. The most advanced gameplay, based on decision-making and evoking emotions, is primarily the live casino. The player can enjoy exciting broadcasts, have fun in various table formats and more. Popular show games are definitely worth checking out as well. These include Crazy Time and Dream Catcher.

Summary – the most important thing is the player’s scope of decision-making

All games available in online casinos operate on the principles of randomness, which means that the result is always generated by an algorithm and the player has no influence on its outcome. The most important thing is the range of decisions that the user can make. The higher it is, the higher the probability of making a mistake, and this is what influences the generally understood “difficulty” of casino games.

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