Online casino loyalty program – the most important information

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs have become permanent offers of all top online casinos. By choosing a licensed, respected portal, you can be sure that it will offer an appropriately extensive loyalty program. What is it all about and, most importantly, does it matter at all? Opinions are often divided, but on websites of this type it is sometimes worth following a simple rule – if they give, take. Especially if the rewards are passive and to collect them, you just need to do what the player registers for on this type of website.

The task of loyalty programs

Offers of this type have one primary goal – to keep the player as long as possible, preferably permanently. The principle of operation is very simple. You have to give the user something that will take a very long time to obtain from the competition. Then, even if the player comes across a portal that has a slightly better offer, he simply will not want to give up what he has managed to earn through hard work.

Principles of operation of the program

Loyalty programs

All forms of loyalty programs operate passively and only for real money play. The casino operator sets the turnover rate for one point and each bet is automatically accumulated.

Example: The casino has determined that each $20 wagered is 1 point, and for 50 points there is a first promotion with a prize of 20 free spins. To reach this level, you must place bets in total of 20 X 50, i.e. $1,000. The bonus is awarded automatically and can be used in accordance with the casino’s regulations.

Prizes, VIP status and related attractions

How many casinos, so many different programs. However, the rewards in these types of offers almost always fall into two types.

The first, potentially best, type of rewards are those awarded for reaching subsequent levels. They can be incredibly attractive at times, but in reality they are constructed in such a way that the final gifts are virtually impossible for the standard player to obtain. A typical program might look like this.

  • First level – 50 points – 20 free spins,
  • Fifth level 1000 points – $50,
  • Tenth level 15,000 points – $1,000,
  • Twentieth level 200,000 points $10,000,
  • Thirtieth level 1000000 points – Lamborghini car.

Casino operators like to boast about super-fast cars or other spectacular rewards for reaching the latest loyalty level. However, it is worth approaching it with an appropriate distance, because reaching this stage is impossible or poorly profitable if someone set himself the goal of achieving it. Taking the above conversion rate as an example, reaching the last level would require a turnover of twenty million zlotys.

The second type of rewards is related to the so-called VIP status, which is responsible for a privileged position in the casino. In this way, the player can count on exclusive promotions, better contact with the staff, faster payments and a lower exchange rate between loyalty points and money.

Should you focus on your loyalty program or leave it alone?

Loyalty programs

A loyalty program is always a good solution because it rewards usage simply for playing. Prizes and all additional attractions are a nice addition to all casino attractions, but they should never be the main purpose. That’s why it’s worth taking advantage of offers of this type and simply enjoying every new achievement or promotion to a higher level. However, you should keep some distance and try to treat these programs as something passive, because playing just to advance to a higher level often does not count.

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