How to use bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos?


Playing in any casino is inextricably linked with various types of cash bonuses and other attractive promotions. Nowadays, there is no website that does not promote itself with an interesting special offer, a no-deposit bonus or a very large welcome package. This is just the tip of the iceberg – top websites also add many other attractions. You can also count on various types of loyalty programs and extensive offers for regular players.

There is so much of everything that you can easily get lost in it all. Therefore, this article will present the most popular types of casino promotions, along with how to activate them.

No deposit bonus

This is an extremely popular offer that attracts attention because it does not require the player to make a deposit. So what does its reception look like:

  1. The player is redirected from this offer to the casino’s website.
  2. You must register an account. If someone already has an account on a given website, they will most likely not be able to collect the bonus.
  3. If a promotional code has been specified, please enter it.
  4. The user must verify his account – e-mail and SMS.

After completing all the steps, the bonus will be credited to your account and you can freely use it.

Welcome package


This is a special promotional offer intended for players who are starting their adventure with a given online casino. The casino offers incredibly attractive and high bonus amounts in exchange for making a deposit. Here’s what the receipt of such a promotion looks like:

  1. The player registers an account at the casino.
  2. You should go to the promotion section and read the welcome offer, first of all checking the condition for converting the bonus in relation to the deposit – most often it is approximately 100%, i.e. the bonus is calculated 1:1 in relation to the deposit.
  3. The user goes to the deposit section and completes the transaction, indicating that he or she wants to take advantage of the welcome bonus.
  4. After the money is credited, a specific addition will be added to it – in this case 100%, i.e. for every $20 of deposit, you receive a $20 bonus.

Welcome offers are often designed for several initial deposits. If this is the case, the above scheme should be repeated also for subsequent transactions.

Reload bonus

This is the so-called renewable bonus. It works on the same principles as the welcome add-on mentioned above, but it is reusable and can be used regardless of the transaction. Receiving the promotion is as follows:

  1. The player reads the offer and checks the deposit conversion rate (usually around 50-75%) to select the appropriate deposit amount.
  2. Then go to the deposit section, select the interesting payment method and specify that you are using the renewable bonus.
  3. After the payment is recorded, the casino will award a specific cash bonus.

The reload bonus almost always looks the same. It is worth checking whether a promotional code is required. Then it should be provided in the appropriate field when making the payment.

Loyalty program


This is the only type of promotion for which the player does not have to register. Everything happens passively. The only condition for using the loyalty program is to play for real money. All the magic will happen in the background. The casino collects loyalty points and awards prizes for subsequent achievements. Just have fun and use the services of one casino for as long as possible, and the potential rewards will become more and more expensive and even more satisfying.

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