September 22, 2014

Missouri Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Jun 15   -   Kingsley Walker
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In 2012, Missouri continues to stand on the word of the Lord released by Chuck Pierce: “For I have brought you to this day. For this is a changing time. I say, even now, I am entering you into a dimension you’ve not been in. I am changing the scenario of the way you worship in a new way. But I say I am bringing you to that place of touching you, and saying what you’ve done till now will not be the guide nor the signpost of what you will do for the future.  For I say, this will be a changing time for, from this state, it will be heard that the government has made a huge shift, and not only has the government shifted, but this will be known as a state that seated the court of heaven above it and in seating the court of heaven, there will become a new rule for a nation. I say to you, do not view things the way you have viewed them in the past, for now you are at the juncture of your rearranging.  I say to you that you stand at the intersection of rearrangement” - June 19, 2008

Missouri Week of Prayer

Missouri became the 24th state to join the United States, but only after a strenuous political battle between the equally divided free and slave states.  After many concessions, compromises, and considerable efforts from both sides of the slave issue, Congress finally agreed to approve Missouri’s statehood, and President Monroe formally made Missouri a state on August 10, 1821.  Known as the “Cave State” because of its more than five thousand caverns (1), it also has many rivers, including the Missouri River and its eastern border, the Mississippi River.  It has the largest underground lake in the world, a National Historic site, formerly a lead mine, in Bonne Terre, covering 80 square miles in five levels(2).  “Missouri provided more soldiers for the Civil War, in proportion to its populations, than any other state in either the Union or the Confederacy” (3).  President Harry S. Truman hailed from Missouri and formed a covenant root by pressing for and establishing Israel as a nation in 1948.

Because of Missouri’s part in 1948 and because of her recent passing of the Missouri/Israel Resolution on May 3, she is in alignment with God’s heart for Israel and His Kingdom purposes (Romans 11:17-24).  From a covenantal perspective, let’s use the seven species mentioned in Deuteronomy 8:8 to put in place our seven days of intercession for FastForward.  Deuteronomy 8:8 says, “...a land of wheat, barley, vines (grapes), fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey;” (ONMB)

Monday, July 9 - Olives represent wisdom, anointing and continuity.  Olive trees can live hundreds, even thousands, of years and witness many things. 
1. Pray for Missouri to be full of continuity and wisdom. 
2. Pray that her anointing of being the “Show Me Your Glory” state will shift things powerfully within her boundaries.
3. Pray for the education mountain in Missouri, for wisdom to rest on those who are righteous in this mountain, but also that those who may not be righteous will be drawn to the light of His glory.

Tuesday, July 10 - Grapes are rich in iron and ward off disease. They are used as a blessing on the Sabbath and holidays, and they represent new wine, the blood of Yeshua and Passover. 
1. Pray the power of diseases to be broken in Missouri through the blood of the Son. 
2. Call the people of Missouri through the blood and into the Light.
3. Call for great blessing to be released through the new wine of the Holy Spirit. 
4. Declare the mountain of arts & entertainment in Missouri will be supernaturally brought into blood-covered light, releasing godly strength and light into the dark places in music, movies, dance, and the arts. 
5. Decree that a new sound is released from Missouri that will be greater than the sound of the blues of past days.  This sound will shift the state, opening the portal of His glory.  Worship from the state of Missouri will apply the blood to the doorposts of the nation.

Wednesday, July 11 - Wheat produces and represents bread.  Stalks of wheat come up green, but when they are ripe, they are gold.  Scripture says that healing is the children’s bread. 
1. Pray for healing to break forth from the children of Missouri. 
2. Declare a healing movement in the state that will cause the golden harvest to spring up ready for reaping. 
3. Speak out healing scriptures over Missouri and the media mountain. 
4. Pray that schools of journalism, like The University of Missouri, will begin to produce healing journalists, intent on releasing truth, light, and stories or news that brings healing, not despair.  The national media will be impacted and shifted by the media in Missouri, who have received healing themselves.

Thursday, July 12 - Barley is the first fruit to be ready for harvest of the seven species in Israel.  It is a popular grain used to feed livestock, but has always been known as the poor man’s staple.  In ancient times barley was used by the poor to make bread.  Ruth was picking up the remains of the barley harvest in Boaz’ field when he noticed her, protected her and extended favor to her. 
1. Pray for Missouri to bless the poor, to honor those who have little, and strengthen those who may have nothing. 
2. Release the favor of the Lord over Missouri as she becomes the Boaz of the nation, a kinsman redeemer state that will feed and protect others. 
3. Decree the mountain of religion in Missouri will begin to be aware of the poor once again, moving into correct alignment and positioning to help the widows, orphans, and poor, allowing God to bless those that look out for others who find it difficult to care for themselves. 
4. Pray that the corners of Missouri will always be filled with barley to provide for those that may need to glean there.

Friday, July 13 - Figs are a delicacy and considered to represent provision.  Fig leaves were used by Adam and Eve for covering when they sinned and became aware that they were naked. 
1. Let’s pray for Missouri to be a place of provision that not only is considered a delicacy, but even her leaves will be used to cover those that are uncovered. 
2. Declare the business mountain and the economy will turn strongly in Missouri, and those who feel uncovered because of lack of employment, housing, or finances will find covering in the state. 
3. Businesses in and from Missouri will thrive and be considered a blessing, a delicacy throughout the nation and the earth. 
4. The provision divinely released from the state will have people from within and people from without realizing God is their source, He will provide and their prosperity comes from Him alone.

Saturday, July 14 - Exodus 3:8 says the Promised Land was a “land flowing with milk and honey.”  The honey spoken about was date honey, made by the compacting and crushing of dates. 
1. Pray for Missouri to be a land flowing with milk and honey, a place that is a land of promise. 
2. Call forth people of obedience who will follow the commands of the Lord, that they may enter the land well and partake of its fullness and provision. 
3. Declare the Calebs and Joshuas will prevail and those with a bad report will be silenced and drawn into faith by them. 
4. Decree the giants in the land will be defeated and the family mountain will be restored. 
5. Release blessing over the family mountain and pray for spirit-filled, empowered fathers to be awakened to inspire, encourage and lead Missouri’s families into that which God has promised. 
6. Agree that families will begin to partake of and enjoy the honey that comes from them being drawn together, or compacted, as a family unit. 
7. Pray for marriages in Missouri to flourish and be blessed. 
8. Pray for men and women already married or getting married to so value their covenant that they will make marriage dynamically special, so much so, that their joy and fulfillment will provoke those in the homosexual community to desire the “real” thing.

Sunday, July 15 - Pomegranates are prevalent in Israeli gardens.  They’re used for their beautiful flowers, as a dye, and for decorations.  They are one of the symbols for the robe of the high priest, and they were used as a symbol on the temple pillars.  They have 613 seeds, and there are 613 commandments in the Torah. (4) 
1. Pray for Missouri to be like flowers in the garden of Israel, for what comes from her to be indelibly “dyed” into those who come into contact with her and those from her. 
2. Thank God that from the “Show Me Your Glory” state, seeds of the Glory will be released all over the earth. 
3. Declare the commandments of the Lord will be obeyed and released in Missouri, and the effects of her obedience will change America. 
4. Decree the government mountain will be touched by the commandments of God and that great celebration will result from obedience to His commands.  “Blessed is the nation (or state) whose God is the Lord…” (Psalm 33:12)

Top State Issues

1.  14% of Missouri residents are 65 years old and more, which makes Social Security and Medicare benefits issues important.  This will deeply impact the family mountain as the children of these aging Missourians will carry the brunt of care costs (i.e.: medical, prescription, long-term care).
2.  Of the 14% who are 65 years old and up, 1 in 8 have Alzheimers.  Of those 85 years old and up, 1/2 have Alzheimers.  These will not be able to care for themselves.
3.  Manufacturing jobs are leaving the state.
4.  The Missouri poverty rate is 15.5%, which is double the national rate.
5. There will be a $500 million dollar budget shortfall in tax revenue in the coming year.  Every state has some level of difficulty here, but Missouri lawmakers seem to be sliding this under the rug.
6.  Missouri’s unemployment rate is 7.3%, which is fairly high.  The economy mountain is shuddering under the heaviness of this.
7.  Conservative legislators have a majority in Missouri, but they spend much of the legislative session fighting amongst themselves, giving the liberal legislators the ability to sway the issues at hand because of in-fighting in the conservative ranks.  This is a governmental mountain issue.
8.  There is an increasing growth in and openness of the homosexual community in St. Louis and Kansas City. The Mardi Gras parade and celebration has now become the 2nd largest in the country just behind New Orleans.  This will obviously affect the family mountain, but if allowed to continue and grow in strength, it will be extremely detrimental to the economy.  Revenue will come in, but the negative impact will far outweigh the monetary increase because of the immorality and defilement released into the atmosphere and on the land.

Electoral Events

August 7, 2012 - State Primary

August primary elections are for both political parties to nominate their general election candidates. Missourians don’t register by party, but you must choose one party’s ballot when voting in the primary, or choose to vote an “issues only” ballot (which will not include ANY candidates).

November 6, 2012 - General Election


For detailed information regarding Missouri candidates and issues for the August 7 State Primary and the November 6 General Election please refer to the Christian Voter Guide and the American Family Association election guides.

You cal also request information from

Pending Bills

There are two issues on the Missouri ballot in the 2012 election cycle:

1. Public Prayer Amendment - This “measure would guarantee the right to pray and worship on public property and reaffirms a citizen’s right to choose any or no religion.”(1)  Very important for the state of Missouri!

2. Missouri Judicial Appointment Amendment - “The amendment would grant the governor the power to appoint 4 persons to the Appellate Judicial Commission, the body responsible for choosing nominees for the Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court. The governor currently has the power to chose three of the seven total members.” (2)


(1) BallotPedia. Missouri Public Prayer Amendment. 29 May 2012
(2) BallotPedia. Missouri Judicial Appointment Amendment. 14 May 2012.

Current Elected Officials

Senator Todd Akin, a Republican, has been the focal point of a major smear campaign attempting to discredit him and make him appear to be dishonest.  Senator Akin is a solid believer who has upheld biblical principles and taken a stand for righteousness.  Our prayers will not only be a great encouragement, but a powerful factor in canceling the enemy’s plans.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, must be called through the blood of Christ into the Light.  Call for angelic visitations, divine dreams, visions and encounters.

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Downloadable Resources

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Kingsley Walker

Kingsley, and his wife Glenda, are the founders and apostolic leaders of Life Gate International in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area.  They are the Missouri state coordinators for the USRPN and HAPN (Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network), have three children, and six grandchildren.