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About FastForward

Vision: Advancing the Nation Toward Righteousness

FastForward - a fasting and prayer initiative with the purpose of advancing our nation toward righteousness. Our foundational scripture for this initiative is Nehemiah 6:15-16, which tells of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days. Likewise, we will engage in a year-long intercessory campaign to rebuild the walls of righteousness around our own hearts, around each state and around the nation.

We want to see Godly leaders and laws put in place. Where there is immorality we want to see Godly virtue. Where there is corruption we want to see leadership above reproach.

We want to promote and sustain a Biblical worldview among the leaders of America and establish a Republic that is built upon and perpetuates Biblical values.

To accomplish this, we need to mobilize a well-informed army of impassioned voices and activists to bear up the nation in prayer.


Prayer Schedule

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On January 23, 2012, each state began taking turns to lead the nation in fasting and prayer for one week. Here is our state-by-state FastForward prayer schedule.

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Let's join together in a season of concerted prayer and fasting for a move of God that will advance our nation toward righteous governance. To receive all FastForward prayer guides and election updates, get involved with USRPN.org by signing up.



Vermont FastForward Prayer Guide

Dec 10   |   Craig and Deb Bensen

Utah Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Dec 04   |   Adela Just

Texas Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Nov 25   |   Adela Just

Tennessee Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Nov 20   |   Marion Farrar

Rhode Island FastForward Prayer Guide

Oct 10   |   Matthew Harmon

Ohio FastForward Prayer Guide

Sep 14   |   Tim and Carol Sheets

North Dakota Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Aug 18   |   Darla Des Lauriers

New Mexico Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Aug 01   |   Jack and Caron Webb

New Jersey FastForward Prayer Guide

Jul 31   |   Matthew Harmon

New Hampshire Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Jul 29   |   Charlene Karlosky

Nevada FastForward Prayer Guide

Jun 27   |   Shirley Wheaton-Spann

Montana FastForward Prayer Guide

Jun 26   |   Allen and Diane Lake

Missouri Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Jun 15   |   Kingsley Walker

Maine FastForward Prayer Guide

May 28   |   Chris and Lorraine Thompson

Kentucky FastForward Prayer Guide

May 08   |   David and Kim Laurence

Kansas FastForward Prayer Guide

May 07   |   Sandy Newman

Iowa FastForward Prayer Guide

Apr 27   |   Katherine Watsey

Indiana FastForward Prayer Guide

Apr 12   |   Sarah Burton

Illinois FastForward Prayer Guide

Apr 11   |   James Nesbit

West Virginia FastForward Prayer Guide

Jan 24   |   Matthew Harmon

Virginia FastForward Guide

Dec 19   |   Matthew Harmon

Washington State FastForward Prayer Guide

Dec 06   |   Rosie Phillips

South Dakota FastForward Prayer Guide

Nov 13   |   Betsy Moeller

South Carolina FastForward Prayer Guide

Oct 22   |   Matthew Harmon

Pennsylvania FastForward Prayer Guide

Oct 09   |   Abby Abildness

Oklahoma FastForward Prayer Guide

Sep 18   |   John Benefiel

Oregon FastForward Prayer Guide

Sep 17   |   Steve and Velyn Dunn

New York Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Aug 29   |   Randy Baker

North Carolina FastForward Prayer Guide

Aug 21   |   Mary Medford

Nebraska FastForward Prayer Guide

Jul 02   |   John Morrow

Mississippi FastForward Prayer Guide

Jun 17   |   Mildred Bean

Minnesota FastForward Prayer Guide

Jun 15   |   Karen Krueger

Massachusetts FastForward Prayer Guide

Jun 10   |   Linda Clark

Maryland FastForward Prayer Guide

Jun 01   |   Jon & Jolene Hamill

North Carolina FastForward Prayer Guide

May 02   |   Mary Medford

Georgia Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Mar 13   |   Lynn Alderson

Florida Fast Forward Prayer Guide: March 19-25, 2012

Mar 11   |   Kimberly Johnson

Praying for All of Hawai’i

Mar 10   |   Leina'ala Fruean

Hawai’i FastForward Prayer Guide

Mar 10   |   Leina'ala Fruean

Praying for All of Hawai’i

Mar 10   |   Leina'ala Fruean

Pennsylvania 2012 Election Guide

Mar 06   |   Abby Abildness

Delaware FastForward Prayer Guide: March 12 - 18, 2012

Mar 03   |   Matthew Harmon

Connecticut FastForward Prayer Guide - March 5 - 11, 2012

Feb 28   |   Audrey Church-McIntyre

Pennsylvania Election Prayer Guide

Feb 24   |   Abby Abildness

Colorado Fast Forward Prayer Guide February 27th- March 4th

Feb 21   |   Terri Brown

California FastForward Prayer Guide

Feb 19   |   Vicki Nohrden

Wisconsin Election Prayer Guide

Feb 09   |   Christine Jacobs

Arizona FastForward Prayer Guide

Feb 06   |   Cheryl Sacks

Alaska FastForward Prayer Guide: Jan 30 - Feb 5

Feb 01   |   Matthew Harmon

Arkansas FastForward State Prayer Guide - February 13-19

Jan 23   |   Robert and Ruby Green

Alabama FastForward State Prayer Guide - January 23-29

Jan 20   |   Mark Hawkins