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    Kingdom Job Security:  Good Works, Not Arbitrary Tenure

    Jul 22   |   Rev. Lonnie C. Crowe

    The job protection gained through the unions has also made it nearly impossible to remove those teachers from the classroom who are not doing their jobs.

    The Truth Behind the Israel-Hamas Conflict

    Jul 15   |   Hal Sacks

    It’s the story behind the story that’s not being reported.

    God’s Calendar: Understanding His Timing & Purpose

    Jul 14   |   Allen and Diane Lake

    It is the prophetic that allows us to know God’s purposes for a particular season, so our prayers and actions can come into agreement.

    The Significance of Covering the Nation in Prayer (Video Update)

    Jul 03   |   Cindy Jacobs

    It is absolutely imperative that we pray for the protection of our nation at this time.

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